Seeyew Mo 

Seeyew Mo is a social activist-entrepreneur with expert experience in the use of technology in grassroots organizing and an innovative, strategically-minded technical leader who has developed pioneering products and services that have impacted millions of users, from concept to launch on accelerated time frames.
As a senior software engineer working in Silicon Valley for over 10 years, I am grateful for the opportunities I had enjoyed and would like to give back by channeling his current entrepreneurial activities towards social good.
Advocating for causes that I believe in has always been a priority. Even though I have always been busy with employment, I am still been able to carve out time to do 

volunteer work. I have organized events such as Green hackathon, to attract engineering talent in the SF Bay Area, to explore innovative solutions to climate change, creating, events to advocate for increasing the minimum wage, rallies to fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and community outreach programs to educate the residents of San Francisco on the Affordable Care Act. At every turn in my professional and volunteering career, I have worked to promote clear and effective healthy communication between all the stakeholders.