Neal Sikka 

Neal Sikka is an Associate Professor at The George Washington University, practicing Emergency Physician and the Director of the Innovative Practice and Telehealth Section at the GW Medical Faculty Associates. Dr. Sikka has expertise in HIT topics such as informatics, telemedicine, mobile health, technology adoption and patient engagement. He has conducted research under awards from McKesson and Care First Foundations as well as the CMS Innovation Center related to SMS messaging, telehealth and remote patient monitoring. He is also a founder and CMO of a SonoStik, a medical device start up, an advisor to Life365, providing a digital health as a service platform, and recently served as CMO of 22otters a digital health start up focusing on the use 

of voice in mobile patient engagement. Dr. Sikka completed his Medical Degree at Washington University in St. Louis and his Emergency Medicine residency at GWU.